Waking Mama Luna

A collection of short stories – each a treasure in its own right – packed with wisdom and a haunting otherworldly sense. Deceptively simply written these tales and their truths will lodge in your memory and tug at your heart.

Lucy Pearce, author, Reaching for the Moon and Moon Time.

Waking Mama Luna by Jessica M Starr Cover


“Look at the moon!” the younger girl said, her bright green eyes wide with awe.

The sky was full of her, round and whole, shining down on them.

“What do you think the moon is?” asked the other.

“I don’t know. But she’s beautiful.”

“She is beautiful… and wise too,” came a voice from behind them.

Over forest floor, sea-washed beach and mountain pass, in worlds very like our own… these are stories for women on the cusp: girls becoming women; women becoming mothers; mothers becoming wise women. Each tale connects us with the motherline: daughter; mother; grandmother. They speak of what it feels like to be a woman; how we are powerful, how we can cope with loss and grief, and how we can move mountains.

These stories will whisper straight into your heart and illuminate your soul.


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Lyrical and enchanting, the stories in this collection will linger with you, asking to be turned over and explored and whispering to you of the stories of your own womanhood.

The five short tales in Waking Mama Luna could be used in many ways in the Red Tent or a women’s circle—as guided journeys, for journaling work, or for deep, heart-based story-sharing of our own.

Molly Remer, author and priestess, www.brigidsgrove.com


These short stories are steeped in an ancient wisdom, that will resonate and stir a remembering deep within.
They’re so beautifully written that I read all of them in one sitting!

Rebecca Kane – Travel Guide at Your SHEro’s Journey


These five short stories will stay with you for a very long time. They are modern myths with transformational themes, which can be used for deep spiritual and personal growth on our coming of age journeys (however high or low your tally of lived years). Or, of course, you can just read them and enjoy them.

The moon waxes and wanes but she is always a sphere, a circle. It is our time now.


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