Choosing a word for the year

2015 is almost closed and my thoughts (like many others in the blogosphere – apologies to those who have end-of-the-year-post apathy) have turned to endings and beginnings.

For the past three years now I have preferred to choose a word for the year rather than resolutions.

I’m not sure where I first came across this practice but last year I used Amy Palko’s Word of the Year Goddess Reading to inform and inspire my word choice. My 2015 Goddess was Artemis, which resonated deeply this year.  I have also used Christine Kane’s Word of the Year Discovery Tool in the past and that was interesting (and a little less woo) too.

choosing a word for the year

This year my word was HUNT.  It scared me a bit at first as it sounds so aggressive but looking back on the events of this year it has been spot on!  2015 has been the year where I have uncovered more ab
out myself and what I am here to do in this world than any other before and it hasn’t been discovery in a passive way.  No!  I have been actively uncovering, searching everywhere, particularly my shadows, for the answers.  It has also been a number 9 year in numerology, for me, the end of a nine year cycle.  And I’m glad this cycle is finishing and a new one beginning.  Yes, I’ve learned a lot but the later years can feel so heavy going.  The prospect of a number one year makes me feel reenergised and optimistic.

My word for next year, 2016, my number 1 year of the cycle, is BUILD.  Build?! How boring you may think.  And initially when it popped into my journal I resisted it.  Build?  Yes, it’s practical but it doesn’t sound very creative, or fun and doesn’t seem to fit well with my goddess for this year – BAST.

Bast is an Egyptian Goddess with the head of a cat and a sexy, slim body.  She protects children and those who need help but she’s also pretty sexy and independent.  Now that sounds a lot more fun! She’s also sometimes called the Egyptian Artemis, which I found interesting as Artemis was my goddess last year.  It sounds like Bast is Artemis but without the virginity thing.  All good.  But how does BUILD fit here?

And then I started thinking about things which are built: homes which protect and nourish us – our sanctuaries; meeting places where we come and share and trade ideas with others; temples where we worship our deities (or the divine in ourselves, like in gyms); libraries and universities – see where I’m going with this? And somehow build seems less boring and more inspiring. Yes, it is slow work. One part on top of the other. But that is how even the most innovative buildings are made. You can’t raise a roof without some kind of supports. So this year I will build. Do the work.

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