Timeless tales of Woman, Nature and Soul

Waking Mama Luna by Jessica M Starr Cover

A collection of short stories – each a treasure in its own right – packed with wisdom and a haunting otherworldly sense. Deceptively simply written these tales and their truths will lodge in your memory and tug at your heart. 
Lucy Pearce, author, Reaching for the Moon and Moon Time. 


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Waking Mama Luna Trailer

Over forest floor, sea-washed beach and mountain pass, in worlds very like our own. These are stories for women on the cusp: girls becoming women; women becoming mothers; mothers becoming wise women. 


Hello, welcome, I am Jessica, an author, poet and wildwoman.  I live at the foot of a mountain in Wales, UK, with my musician husband and our two unschooled children. 

I write poems and prose for those of us who know that magic is real and that stories hold the power to change the world. 


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